196.2 billion for the whole year! American sofa retail style, price, fabrics are decrypted!

Upholstered furniture, with sofas and mattresses as the core category, has always been the most concerned area of the home furnishing industry. Among them, the sofa industry has more style attributes and is divided into different categories such as fixed sofas, functional sofas, and recliners. Many well-known sofa brands have been born in various subdivisions.

Whether it is consumption maturity or market size, the United States is a sample of great observational value, and it is also a national sample that China's soft sofa market will move toward a deeper stage of competition in the future.

To this end, FurnitureToday today launched a retail report on the American soft sofa market. According to a survey conducted by the Strategic Insights Department of FurnitureToday, from January to December 2020, the total retail sales of Stationary sofas, Motion sofas and Recliners in the U.S. market reached 30.8 billion U.S. dollars (approximately). RMB 196.2 billion, calculated at the exchange rate on January 5, 2022, An increase of 12.8% compared to the US$27.3 billion in 2018.

In contrast, according to the analysis of Guosheng Securities, the market scale of China's sofa factory caliber is 61 billion yuan in 2020, of which leisure sofas and fabric sofas account for about 62% and 24% respectively.

In the retail mix of upholstered furniture, fixed sofas accounted for 54%; functional sofas accounted for 29%; reclining chairs accounted for 13%.

The analysis of Pacific Securities believes that the scale of China's sofa market will increase by 10.1% to 68.4 billion yuan in 2020. In addition, compared to the U.S. functional sofa penetration rate of 41.5% in 2019, the penetration rate of the Chinese market was only 14%.

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Post time: Apr-02-2022