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    Unique Design

    We have the ability to realize all kinds of creative and high-tech designed chairs.

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    Quality after-sales

    Our factory has the capacity to assure on-time delivery and after-sale warranty.

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    Product Guarantee

    All products strictly comply with US ANSI/BIFMA5.1 and European EN1335 testing standards.

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Dedicated to the manufacture of chairs over two decades,  Wyida still keeps in mind with the mission of “making the world’s first-class chair” since its founding. Aiming to provide the best-fit chairs for workers in different working space, Wyida, with a number of industry patents, has been leading the innovation and development of swivel chair technology. After decades of penetrating and digging, Wyida has widened the business category, covering home and office seating, living room and dinning room furniture, and other indoor furniture.

  • Production capacity 180,000 units

    48,000 units sold

    Production capacity 180,000 units

  • 25 days

    Order lead time

    25 days

  • 8-10 days

    Customized color proofing cycle

    8-10 days