Gaming chair is Gone?

Gaming chairs have been so hot in the past years that people have forgotten there are ergonomic chairs. However it has been suddenly calm down and many seating businesses are moving their focus to other categories. Why is that?


First of all it has to be said that gaming chairs has its own advantages.
1.Comfortable experience: compared with ordinary computer chairs, gaming chair will be more comfortable with its adjustable armrest and wrappability. But does it perform better than ergonomic chairs?
2.Collection hobby: when you have a professional gaming mechanical keyboard, mechanical mouse, IPS monitor, HIFI headset and a whole bunch of other gaming gear, you will probably need a gaming chair to make your gaming space more harmonized.
3.Appearance: as opposed to ergonomic computer chairs in black/gray/white, both the color scheme and illustration are more richer and interesting, which also fit to the taste of young people.

Speaking of ergonomics,
1.Ergonomic chairs normally has an adjustable lumbar support while gaming chairs only provide a lumbar cushion.
2.The headrest of an ergonomic chair is always adjustable with height and angle while gaming chairs only provide a head cushion.
3.The backrest of ergonomic chairs is designed to fit the spine curve while gaming chairs usually applies a straight and flat designing.

4.Ergonomic chairs can support seat depth adjustment whereas gaming chairs often do not.
5.Another issue that is frequently spitting is on the poor breathability, especially the PU seat. If you sit and sweat, it feels like your butt is stuck to it.

So how to pick a good gaming chair that fit you?
Tips 1: The leather surface of the gaming chair should not have obvious puckering or wrinkling, and the leather itself should not have an obvious odour.


Tips 2: The foam padding must be virgin, preferably one piece foam, always be wary of recycled foam which smells bad and even has toxins, and it feels worse to sit on and is more prone to deformation.

Tips 3: There is no need to go for 170°or even 180°of the reclining angle. You will most likely to fall over due to the backward weight. For example, when using a frog mechanism, the reclining angle is usually 135°due to the shaping and mechanics while normal locking-tilt mechanism keeps an 155°~165°angle.


Tips 4: For safety issue, choose the gas lift of SGS/TUV/BIFMA certified and thicken steel plate, etc.

Tips 5: Pick an armrest that at least can adjust the height to adapt to the different height of your desk.

Tips 6: If you have enough budgets, there is still additional function of gamer chairs, like a fully sculptured lumbar support, massage or sedentary reminder. If you need a retractable footrest for extra rest or napping on the chair, but it’ll never as comfortable and relaxing as a bed.

Post time: Jan-13-2023