Mid-to-high-end sofa products occupy the mainstream at US$1,000~1999

Based on the same price point in 2018, FurnitureToday's survey shows that the sales of mid-to-high-end and high-end sofas in the United States have achieved growth in 2020.

From the data point of view, the most popular products in the U.S. market are mid-to-high-end products with a price ranging from US$1,000 to US$1999. Among the products in this range, fixed sofas accounted for 39% of retail sales, functional sofas accounted for 35%, and recliners accounted for 28%.

In the high-end sofa market (over $2,000), the distinction between the three categories of retail sales is not obvious. In fact, high-end sofas are pursuing the balance of style, function and comfort.

In the mid-range market (US$600-999), the highest retail share of recliners is 30%, followed by functional sofas with 26% and fixed sofas with 20%.

In the low-end market (under US$599), only 6% of functional sofas are priced under US$799, 10% of fixed sofas are under the lowest price of US$599, and 13% of recliners are priced under US$499.

Functional fabrics and custom orders are sought after by the masses Personalized custom products have received extensive attention in the software field, especially sofas. According to FurnitureToday, custom orders for recliners and functional sofas in the U.S. market in 2020 will rise from 20% and 17% two years ago to 26% and 21%, respectively, while custom orders for fixed sofas will rise from 63% in 2018 dropped to 47%.Statistics also found that in the past year, American consumers' demand for the use of functional fabrics has increased, especially in the category of functional sofas and recliners, while the category of fixed sofas has fallen by 25%. In addition, consumer demand for environmentally friendly materials is significantly lower than two years ago, and sales have fallen sharply.

2020 is the year when the global epidemic has just broken out. This year, the global supply chain has not suffered major damage, but the continuous trade war still has a considerable impact on the software industry.

In addition, customized products themselves place higher demands on manufacturers. Especially in terms of delivery time. FurnitureToday found that the average delivery time of American sofa orders in 2020, 39% of the orders will take 4 to 6 months to complete, 31% of the orders have a delivery time of 6 to 9 months, and 28% of the orders are in 2 ~3 months can be delivered, only 4% of companies can complete the delivery in less than a month.

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Post time: Apr-20-2022